Master of Business Administration – Human Resource Management (MBA-HRM) is a two year full-time residential programme and follows a trimester system. The Programme offers a unique learning experience based on an experiential model where almost 20% of the total curriculum is based on learning from the field. The core learning of the Programme is covered through courses in business, general management and human resource management across six terms. Additionally, the first year consists of field immersion spread over three terms apart from the summer internship at the end of the first year. The Programme also includes supplementary learning through various skill development workshops that are part of the curriculum. Information Technology, Internationalization and Business Ethics are the consistent themes running across the course.


Every student will undergo a three-week field immersion in Terms I, II and III. The total time on field immersion is nine weeks. These are tentatively planned to concide at the end of terms I and II and at the start of term III. Field immersion will require the student to be placed in an organisation either from an industrial or not-for-profit sector and carry out a project. The field immersions, spread throughout the first year of the programme will enable the student to develop an understanding of industry and business, the human resource management function in practice and the attitude as well as the managerial skills required for a career in industry. The field immersions form the core of the programme learning process and are mandatory.


At the end of the third term, all the students will have to do summer project/internship of 8-10 weeks with an industrial, business or service organisation. The summer internship is expected to contribute towards the consolidation of the academic learning from the first-year courses and the experiential learning gained through the field immersions. This internship will help generate insights about the industry and organisation management, business processes and practices, and the human resource management systems, process and practice, which creates a foundation for the second-year learning.


The Workshops/Certification programmes intend to equip students for the industry by training them in certain domain specific skills and contemporary business, industry knowledge and practices. These will also enhance their confidence so as to make them ready to interact with industry officials in a professional manner. Skill workshops learning will be offered and taught through curricular and co-curricular activities during the different term(s). The pedagogical approach will include (but not limited to) behavior process labs, outbound training, simulations, industry lecture series, conclaves, conferences, seminars, workshops, films, documentaries, field visits, industry visits, group discussions, exhibitions, projects etc.

  • Tableau
  • Behavioural Process Laboratory
  • Competency Mapping and Assessment
  • Using Simulations in HRM
  • Out Bound Learning
  • Excel Skills
  • Design Thinking
  • Business Games
  • Social Media in HRM
  • Taxation and Investment Planning