Our alumni have embraced the visionary path paved by Dr. Karsanbhai K. Patel, the revered founder of Nirma, and have charted their own entrepreneurial journeys. Inspired by his remarkable success, they have chosen to transcend the traditional role of job seekers and have become catalysts of employment generation, empowering others along the way. Through their unwavering determination and innovative thinking, they have forged their own paths to prosperity and made a tangible impact on the business landscape.

These enterprising individuals have truly exemplified the spirit of entrepreneurship, transforming their ideas into reality and carving out unique niches in diverse industries. From tech startups, to social enterprises, their ventures span a wide spectrum, reflecting the versatility and creativity that drives their success. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to current and future students, highlighting the potential for self-driven success and the rewards of entrepreneurial endeavors. The entrepreneurial mindset has not only empowered these alumni to become job creators but has also fostered a culture of innovation within our institution, fuelling the aspirations of budding entrepreneurs.

Here's a select list of their ventures

  • Aeterno Partners

  • Hotel Royal

  • Peeschute

  • Scorpios Fins

  • Arkya Consulting

  • Hybrid

  • Playbook Consultancy

  • SparesHub

  • Avaas Financials

  • Isadora life

  • Popp Advertising

  • SimplyGuest Technologies

  • Casa XS

  • KAUP Capital

  • Rize @ People Konnect

  • Thinking Ink

  • Dangee Dums

  • Money Minds Financial Consultants

  • Samriddhi Credit Co-operative Society

  • Tridha Advisors

  • DirectusHR Services

  • Trophic Wellness Private Limited

  • Explorra Education Pvt. Ltd

  • Odd Routes

  • Start 51

  • Winjit Technologies

  • Gullack

  • Palaash Ventures

  • Sankatmochan Consultants